I’m Carolyn!

All the smoothie recipes you find here are developed by me, and taste tested by my husband and three kiddos!

We have an obsession with healthy yet delicious smoothies using classic and not-so-classic ingredients!

When I’m not crafting a new smoothie idea, I’m roller skating with my kids or reading a book! Only nonfiction for me.

Reviews Policy:

I only review products I use, own, and develop first-hand knowledge with. It’s crucial to use a blender or product before reviewing it to learn it’s flaws, strengths, and idiosyncrasies.

I never recommend products or equipment that I don’t use and see the value in.

Copycat Smoothie Recipes:

All copycat smoothie recipes are taste-tested side-by-side with the original. My goal is to create the same flavor and texture as the original, so you can make your favorite smoothies at home!

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